Your markets have become international, so must your business structures,
... in order to remain competitive! Think 'global' from the start!

Many businesses no longer need a physical location due to the advent of Cyberspace but the business still needs a legal and substantial jurisdictional residence. A simple link to "the Cloud" will not suffice!

That ideal jurisdictional residence should provide: lower costs including tax rates, easy implementation, sensible regulation, minimal bureaucracy, available start-up and long term capital, and legislative advantages.

You and your staff are not required to live where your company resides! Indeed you may be scattered in various strategic countries as numbers of global nomads increase! You can all be "e-residents"!

But the assets generating your active income (for example from software, music, videos, patents and processes) do have to originate and/or to reside in the chosen jurisdiction; the board majority must operate there; the business must be transparent, substantial and with legitimate economic purpose.

The Span Hansa Group can help you begin to acomplish that for a onetime fee of US$499
... starting with a unique "Certificate of Intellectual Property Residence"!

From this critical first step, one can build (as your business evolves), toward the full reputational capital and residencial certainty reflected in the corporate elements below.

Important among those included elements is your own, government vetted, international e-residence Identity Card.

Time is of the essense, especially where Intellectual Property, The Internet of Things and Cyberspace are involved!

Your decision to choose Anguilla, British West Indies as an alternative to virtually any other location will save - sales tax, internet tax, income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, litigation risk,
... while legitimately improving your privacy, security and regulatory compliance.

Corporate package sampleSpan-Hansa feeComments
Company formationincludedincludes set-up and 1st year
Personal e-residencyincludedgovernment fee only
Chamber of Commerce membershipincludedbe a part of the community
Certificate of IP Residenceincludedfor initial filing
Certificate of Economic Purposeincludedenhancement by AISCO - additional
Local .ai domain nameincludedannual name server fee
Bank accountsincludedsafekeeping and blockchain
Local .ai Web home pageincluded"Ping Center" - 'invitation to treat'
Encrypted email & doc
Phone and Fax includedfree “lite” services
Office rent, mail & telephoneincludedmore from AISCO - additional
Registered Office & Agentincludedfilings and agent for service
Accounting/Administration includedmore from AISCO - addtional
Officers and Directorsnegotiableactive, real persons
Napkin or seed capitalnegotiablestart-ups Welcome
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