Many low or no tax jurisdictions awakened many years ago to their opportunity as efficient centers for world commerce. Some, such as Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Anguilla and Ireland have focused on more open corporate structures and public companies having local substance with special emphasis on the Internet and e-commerce. As examples of this emphasis, governments have implemented electronic Internet based corporate registries, such as the Anguilla "ACORN" system, appropriate legislation for digital signatures and improved their telecommunications and online banking services.

To incubate more e-commerce businesses; to encourage the inflow of private and public capital to our jurisdictions; to foster the immigration of corporations and individuals with vision in the new technologies and world commerce: The Span-Hansa Group has initiated the concept of Technology Campuses in various centers. The long term mission is to create physical, virtual and intellectual environments which provide all of the requisite components for substantial international centers.

We regard the entire island of Anguilla as a Technology Campus.  The specific physical presence exists through a number of partner facilities and services collectively working to build the island into a Centre of Excellence multiple fields of technology. Similar initiatives are developing in other complementary strategic locations including Sint Maarten, Freeport, Barbados, Bermuda, Ireland, and Holland. Partners provide full business facilities, Internet service, systems development, corporate conference facilities together with all aspects of international planning, accounting marketing and legal services. Areas of demonstrated expertise include:

- Distance Learning where partners have deployed educational facilities in the UK, China, Spain and Senegal.
- Packaging-technology utilizing modified atmosphere for efficient preservation of perishable produce and flowers.
- Medical diagnostic tests deployed in more than 100 locations worldwide.
- Online banking and card processing software used in over thirteen large scale banking institutions.
- Going public with Anguillian resident companies listed for trading on international stock exchanges.
- Medical systems software for community clinics and hospitals.
- Web based fully encrypted email and document processing software.
- Project finance for international oil and gas ventures, carbon mitigation, waste management and many more.
to name a few.

Additionally, through associates in real estate development we can assist in planning for residential and business real estate where clients and their corporations wish to physically relocate to any of the jurisdictions that we serve.

The Technology Campus concept is promoted in part through Global Commerce, Inc, a public company listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange. serves as one of our model structures for client start-ups which wish to be resident abroad but be listed on an international stock exchange. Anyone can participate in ownership and be assured of its international regulatory conformity (trading symbol "HAN.H").

To ensure the success of the Technology Campus theme, the Span-Hansa Group places significant emphasis on relationships with each jurisdiction's legal, financial, government, and administrative services for the successful incubation of locally based businesses. Seed capital investors and the corporate directors of companies who become clients or are affiliated with the Technology Campus will be accorded special attention, guidance and assistance from our legal advisors in obtaining such things as residence status, work permits and prospectus approval for public offerings. Local and foreign participation by investors is encouraged through angel capital forums and seminars.

Central to the Technology Campus theme is the paradigm of "Location Optimized Commerce on the Internet" (LOCI). This is a compelling opportunity for international companies. Every business must realize that tax and cost optimization is fundamental to global business efficiency in much the same way that one recognizes the need for any production efficiency in order to be competitive internationally. Taxation, avoidance of litigation, and minimizing bureaucracy are simply costs that must be managed. They are made easier by the proper choice of location, jurisdiction and by the Internet.

In the United States companies pay ~30% Federal tax on their worldwide income (plus State and local taxes); Our clients and residents of our strategic locations pay no domestic income or capital gains tax whatsoever. Each also has a very favorable and hospitable business environment unlike many countries where the cost of bureaucracy, excessive regulation and litigation can be high. Legislation in Anguilla for example, is modern, regulation is smart, thorough and complete, but costs of compliance are maintained at sensible levels. Similarly, litigation is seen as a last resort and is uncommon.  Additionally, there are no currency controls. Overall, a carefully chosen "LOCI" jurisdiction such as Anguilla is simply a more ideal place from which to do business.

Most business people know of at least one example of a successful e-commerce company such as, or What is remarkable is that so many otherwise successful companies may not have considered the ease and the long term advantage of locating their new e-commerce businesses or intellectual property in a favorable tax jurisdiction. Unfortunately, the tax cost of moving an already successful company can be prohibitive hence, early planning is essential. Skype, wisely was originally located in Luxemburg.

The Span-Hansa Group - Technology Campus members have successfully moved five publicly listed companies from other taxing geographic residences and made them resident in Anguilla while sustaining their public stock exchange status. We have similarly completed Initial Public Offerings (IPO's).  To achieve this, we worked closely with the appropriate Government agencies to improve local laws to conform to the requirements of major stock exchanges (with particular emphasis on minority shareholder rights). Re-domiciliation of existing publicly traded shell companies should be given serious consideration prior to any Reverse Take-Over (RTO). Alternatively, a properly constituted new international company would be acceptable for an IPO listing on many world stock exchanges. See Going Public.

In order to be considered for involvement with our "Technology Campus" and services or facilities, the candidate must be a corporation or one about to be formed. Personal applications, International Business Companies (IBC's) with bearer shares, gaming operations, multi-level marketing or adult content sites will not be considered. The principals must qualify under international banking and due diligence "know your client" rules.

This documentation is not an offering nor is it intended as a solicitation for funds.