Hansa Company Limited
(Formerly Hansa Bank & Trust Company Limited)

Hansa Company Limited was founded in April 1984 to conduct the traditional business of a British "merchant bank". We specialize in putting ventures together for our clients, assembling private or public financing and investing for our own account. Since voluntarily suspending our banking license in September 2002, we have not offered any licensed banking or trust services. Arrangements can being made for these services through a choice of commercial/retail banks in various locations.

Hansa maintains relationships with major commercial banks in Europe the Orient, North America and other strategic tax advantaged locations. As well Hansa has extensive investment banking and brokerage relationships. Since our inception, Hansa has advised or been involved in financing ventures approaching a value of $1 billion.

Hansa will assist with company formations through its legal and company management associates in a variety of jurisdictions including Span-Hansa Group Limited in Anguilla.

In 1984 there were forty seven "offshore" banks In Anguilla. As a result of a 1989 British study known as the "Gallagher Report", every offshore bank was either wound up voluntarily, abandoned, or had its license revoked with the exception of Hansa Bank.  Since then, only one new license has been issued to the Foreign Commerce Bank Ltd as well as to two subsidiaries of already established banks which are regulated under the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. It is our view that no new privately held Anguillian banking licenses will be issued under the current local and British policies without the regulatory oversight and support of an already existing financial institution residing in an acceptable jurisdiction. We are also of the opinion that this same attitude prevails in almost any jurisdiction that is concerned with potential abuse. As a non-retail, private merchant bank, and with the assistance of British banking regulators, Hansa avoided virtually all perils and was able to carefully screen and assess its private clients with a high degree of certainty.

Should you require retail banking in Anguilla, there are four full service commercial banks:

Caribbean Commercial Bank (Anguilla) Ltd, P.O. Box 23, phone (264) 497-2571, fax 497-3570
FirstCaribbean International Bank, P.O. Box 140, phone (264) 497-2301, fax 497-2980
National Bank of Anguilla Ltd, P.O. Box 44, phone (264) 497-2101, fax 497-3310
Scotia Bank (Anguilla) Ltd, P.O. Box 250, phone (264) 497-3333, fax 497-3344

More information concerning banking licenses and regulations can be obtained from the Anguillian authority directly. Please contact the Director of Financial Services, Financial Services Commission, Government of Anguilla, The Valley, Anguilla, British West Indies, phone (264) 497-5881, fax 497-5872 or see the Government's Financial Services Web page at http://www.axasfc.com

Depending upon the nature of your transactions, a near-bank finance company may serve your purposes equally well. We would be pleased to provide guidance on that.

Members may sign in at https://nbaonline.nba.ai/EBanking/main.asp?state=signon

To consider other Span Hansa Group services further please see our Products and Fees.  As well, Qualifying your Venture will help you with your international decisions.