Welcome to The Ping Center !

If you have ever been called upon to prove that your business is located in a specific location or that your residence is in a certain country, you will immediately identify with the Ping Center. To prove your point you would have had to demonstrate as many "ping" tests as possible to substantiate the location's validity, substance, business purpose, reality, and the documentation thereof. The Ping Center helps to consolidates those tests... but time is of the essence!

Proving your Compliance

At The Ping Center, your new business can perform the following essential tasks and ensure that key decisions are made here:

These tasks favor businesses which are involved in e-commerce because so many of the events take place within a computer or Web server.  Hence our paradigm of "Location Optimized Commerce on the Internet" (LOCI). However, other business types may also qualify and "servers" need not all be located in The Ping Center jurisdiction.

Through The Ping Center's you can also ensure that essential ingredients such as "mind, management and control" & "substance" & that the business's offices are "suitably equipped" & that its business is "active".

Challenge the Myth

Taxing authorities have tried to convince us that we are taxable on our world-wide incomes. This is not nearly as true as they would like it to be. And, even where tax liability may exist, it can often be legitimately deferred; permanently.

If your business is legitimate, transparent, properly located and conducts its operations from a favorable jurisdiction such as Anguilla, Barbados or Ireland, there may be no or very low taxation there.

If your business is properly owned and controlled and managed in the no or low tax jurisdiction, tax may only be due when and if the incomes are remitted to the shareholders.

In the meantime, the profits can accrue without tax.  Full year over year growth can be far greater. And there will be more to distribute in the end than would have been the case if tax of 20% - 40% had been taken each year.

And, in the meantime, those accumulating funds may be used or deployed or invested in far more advantageous ways than would be available in a taxing jurisdiction.

What Next

If you feel that the Ping Center can be of service to you, please see more detailed planning information at the  Span-Hansa Group's Start Today page or please email us.