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The following press releases feature some of the highlights of the Span-Hansa Group prior to 2001.
Subsequent news releases and financial reporting for the public company Hansa.net Global Commerce, Inc. can be found at the http://sedar.com Web site.

*December 29, 1999 - Hansa.net Global Commerce, Inc. ("Hansa.net"), Caribis Corp. ("Caribis"), and Hansa Bank & Trust Company Limited ("Hansa Bank") announce a joint venture to provide development facilities to incubate and deploy Internet banking technologies in an operational environment in Anguilla.

*December 20, 1999 - Hansa.net Global Commerce, Inc. ("Hansa.net") launches a new Anguillian public company, AXA.NET Communications, Inc. ("AXA.NET") with the intent to seek approval from the Government for a competitive telecommunications license for Anguilla.

*December 12, 1999 - Hansa.net together with Hansa Bank has entered into a strategic alliance with Primacy Corporation of Barbados ("Primacy") to market the Primacy Private Banker and Primacy Web Banker and to develop other strategic product alliances for Primacy. As well, Hansa Bank & Trust Company Limited has selected the Primacy products to manage its own investment and merchant banking operations.

*November 1, 1999 - Hansa.net is featured in several articles in Offshore Finance Canada. Author Chantal Chevalier discusses Hansa.net's incubator services for resident companies going public on international exchanges.

*September 16, 1999 -Hansa.net has advised our client Biotechna Europe in securing a Joint Venture Agreement with CPRO-DLO/Plant Research International, the Dutch based international plant research facility, regarded as one of the foremost institutions of its type in the world. The purpose of this European Joint Venture is to commercialize a revolutionary waste treatment technology designated "Photosynthetic Purification" which safely and effectively takes animal waste to grow a marketable high protein food supplement.

*August 1, 1999 - Hansa.net announces a strategic alliance with Hush Communications Corporation ("HushCom") providers of HushMail.com. HushCom, a global provider of secure Internet communications also based in Anguilla, will use Hansa.net and its Span-Hansa affiliates to provide investment banking advice, management consulting and other professional corporate services.

*July 20, 1999 - Hansa.net Global Commerce, Inc., and other members of the Span-Hansa Group are featured in the US publication Business 2.0 July issue of this broadly distributed US publication as well as on their Web site at Business2.com

*February 26, 1999 - Hansa.net Global Commerce, Inc., Hansa Bank & Trust Company Limited and Counsel Limited, all members of the Span-Hansa Group announce their participation in the sale of the Internet Web site address (url) bingo.com for an amount in excess of $1.1 million

*December 27, 1998 - Hansa.net Global Commerce Inc, ("Hansa.net"), First Atlantic Commerce Ltd. ("FAC") and Hansa Bank & Trust Company Limited ("Hansa Bank") announce their agreement to provide turn-key customized, offshore, Internet payment solutions. These banking and processor solutions are essential for companies engaged in e-commerce business and they are critical to the determination of where Internet business is domiciled.

*July 23, 1998 - Hansa.net today announced three new service offerings for its LS 2000, Year 2000 solution. The offerings have low entry cost, and fixed prices for first time users. In addition Hansa.net welcomes six international territory partners in strategic locations to service local clients.

*June 26, 1998 - Financial Post Magazine features a four page article on the Span-Hansa Group entited "The Offshore Option". Author Joanna Pachner presents views on e-commerce from the perspective of locating one's business for tax optimization.

*May 23, 1998 - Abbott Laboratories acquires International Murex Technologies Corporation (IMTC) for $234 million. The recent acquisition by Abbott Laboratories of IMTC represents several important elements in the optimization of global trade in which Hansa.net Global Commerce, Inc. together with other members of the Span-Hansa Group ("Hansa") specialize.

* October 1, 1997 - Hansa.net and Hansa Bank join forces to encourage the development of e-commerce financial products and services.

* September 28, 1997 - Hansa.net signs an agreement to market the LS 2000 Year 2000 / Millennium software tool.

* July 14, 1997 - Hansa.net announces its web site for comprehensive information about LOCI and other Span-Hansa services and products.

* July 6, 1997 - Wired Magazine features Hansa and Anguilla in an article related to the Financial Cryptography97 Conference held in February.

* June 15, 1997 - Hansa.net and Blue Zone International Inc. of Barbados, W.I. announce a teaming agreement for the use and distribution of Blue Zone Web products internationally.

* June 11, 1997 - FaxLink Consortium and Consortium Dynamics Ltd. of Anguilla join Hansa.net's Location Optimized program for Internet based commerce (LOCI)

* June 6, 1997 - Hansa.net and MoneyBox Software Limited of Anguilla announce an agreement for coordination of all of MoneyBox's Internet related activities including downloading software to clients.

* April 10, 1997 - Hansa.net Third Quarter filings reflect profitable quarter and growing client interest in LOCI.

* February 26, 1997 - Hansa.net and Murex Diagnostic Inc of Barbados, W.I. announce the study and planned development of a global Intranet based in Barbados for Murex's more than 100 affiliates and locations worldwide.

* February 24, 1997 - Hansa.net helps sponsor Financial Cryptography 97 in Anguilla, B.W.I, attended by over 70 experts to discuss this important field upon which the Internet depends for Secure Electronic Transactions.

* February 23, 1997 - Hansa.net and Keywitness International of Barbados W.I. jointly announce an international marketing agreement between the two companies to offer Keywitness Certification Authority products globally.

* February 20, 1997 - Hansa.net and UUNET announce a teaming agreement under which both companies will offer Location Optimized Commerce on the Internet (LOCI)