The Span-Hansa Group offers the most comprehensive solutions to international trade structures because we are participants. In our opinion, companies which provide only services for fees tend to be regarded as nominees thereby weakening the international structure. Each Span-Hansa Group entity serves unique functions, works seamlessly together, and offers flexible fee and participation options. The ultimate product is a fully functional, optimized, operational business structure with comprehensive strategic partners and advisors that would otherwise take years to assemble.

Summaries of the types of services, fees and participation of each of the Span-Hansa Group entities are:

Hansa Company Limited (formerly Hansa Bank & Trust Company Limited)

Hansa Company Limited is an international investment and merchant bank focused on mergers, acquisitions, public and private financing especially for intellectual property.  The company has done no business requiring a banking license since it voluntarily gave up these operations on April 10th, 2002.

Investment and merchant banking fees.
Equity and debt financing fees.

Span-Hansa Group Limited

Span-Hansa Group provides corporate secretarial and company management services such as those below:

Company formations fees.
Registered office fees.
Registered agent fees.
Holding of shares in trust fees.

Span Corp Limited

Span provides "active", "hands on" management and working board involvement for companies licensed under Span-Hansa Group Limited.

Management and Executive Directorship fees
Revenue or Equity participation

Administrative Services

Extensive computerized systems together with the coordinated support of various longstanding associates in other international jurisdictions provide for all of the administrative, corporate secretarial, and accounting services as well as non-executive directorships.

Management and Non-Executive Directorship fees.
Administrative services, office space and accounting fees.
Administrative coordination of public company offerings

Hansa Finance and Trust BV, etc.

Hansa Finance and other associates are located in other strategic international jurisdictions such as Ireland, Switzerland, Barbados, Hong Kong and Holland. They provide overall domestic Span-Hansa Group services there.

Management and Administrative fees, office rental for local structures.

Expenses and third party disbursements are invoiced separately as required.


The Group will provide a planning guide for fees and costs to set up an international structure.


We have prepared a hypothetical (but realistic) model budget for an international company with a treaty country sub structure. We would be pleased to share this model for your planning.