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Span Hansa Corporate Profile

These pages focus on the Span-Hansa Group and how its members relate to one another in providing comprehensive solutions to its clients.

Span Corp Limited, the Group's original Anguillian company was founded in 1981 when its founder, Lynwood Bell moved his own residence from Canada to Anguilla.

Other key entity formations were Hansa Bank & Trust Company Limited - 1984;  Hansa Finance and Trust BV (Netherlands) - 1985; Counsel Limited (1986);   and Span-Hansa Group Limited - 2004.

As well, the Group has supported the redomiciliation of several publicly traded companies from other jurisdictions including Arawak Energy - 1995; Hansa.net Global Commerce, Inc. - 1996;  Biotechna Environmental - 1997;  Bingo.com - 2004; Eurasia Energy Corporation - 2007 and an IPO for Voyus Ltd. in 1997

The Group's vision is "Location Optimized Commerce on the Internet" (LOCI); helping international clients understand that taxes are optional and accordingly, to conduct and locate their global business more efficiently in light of that fact. Our value added can mean as much as 60% retained profit than that of a non LOCI business.

The Span-Hansa Group comprised of ten organizations doing business in as many international locations. The Group's activities include financing of intellectual property, public stock offerings, acquisitions and mergers, investment banking and international trade.

Span Hansa's name derives from an original theme of international trade and commerce exemplified by the "Hanseatic League" of Mediaeval Europe.

Offices or representatives are maintained in Amsterdam, Barbados, Caracas, Dublin, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Paris, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington, and Anguilla.

The Group's main product is the coordination, incubation and acceleration of all of the elements of Location Optimized Commerce on the Internet (LOCI) for its clients. These derive from experience in international structures and proven solutions since 1981 in a wide range of locations.

More on components of the Span-Hansa Group follows:

Hansa Bank now Hansa Company Limited was an investment, commerical and merchant bank but no longer offers any licensed banking services. Hansa continues merchant  banking activities to match investors in real estate, natural resources, and high technology with investments in other countries; corporate structuring and, mergers and acquisitions. Hansa also invests for its own account.

NOTE: As of September 30, 2002 Hansa ceased its licensed banking business. Arrangements can being made for these services through a choice of commercial/retail banks in various locations.

Span Corp Limited provides Executive Directorships, marketing and other management services worldwide. Span executives work with more than fifty international centres to provide management, markets, distributors, agents, suppliers and subcontractors.

Span Hansa Group  Limited is a licensed Company Management Company authorized to provide corporate formations, registered office and agents, management and directorships.

In addition to extensive administrative services provided within the Group our associates in major jurisdictions worldwide provide all corporate secretarial, administrative, computing, communication and accounting services on an hourly or a predetermined annual fee basis.

Our finance companies operate from Holland and Anguilla to provide funding sources for many of the investments in which the Span Hansa Group becomes involved.

Our e-commerce expertise, marketing, trade and technical skills, together with our strategic alliance with some of the world's largest Internet Service Providers combine to offer a comprehensive one-stop package for the marketing of products and services from the optimal jurisdictions for Internet commerce. Each of the Span Hansa affiliates participate in making this service truly comprehensive by offering financing, marketing, administration, legal, and many other services to make the client's entry into this arena as easy and economical as possible.

The Span Hansa Group also maintains legal counsel in Barbados, Canada, the USA, the UK, Holland, Bermuda, the Netherlands Antilles, Switzerland, Venezuela, Germany, and Hong Kong. Each of these lawyers is very familiar with Anguilla and the other jurisdictions where we do business.

Each Span-Hansa entity can be engaged separately or together with others to best fit the client's needs.