Hansa.net Global Commerce, Inc. Profile

These pages focus on Hansa.net Global Commerce Inc. and how it relates to other members of the Span Hansa Group.

Lynwood Bell co-founded Hansa.net (Systems West) in 1978 to perform computer systems development and software design. In 1985 the Company became publicly traded on the Vancouver Stock Exchange, and subsequently expanded into software product development, marketing, international trade technology and incubator/accelerator services.

The Company supports the paradigm of  "Location Optimized Commerce on the Internet" (LOCI) by developing and implementing technologies to aid any international  client wishing to conduct its global business more efficiently.  Hansa.net value added profit for its clients can be as much as 60% greater than that of a non LOCI business.

Hansa.net is part of the Span Hansa Group comprised of several organizations doing business in more than more than a dozen international locations. The Group's activities include financing and developing intellectual property e.g. software; public stock offerings; acquisitions and mergers; investment banking and international trade.

Hansa's name derives from an original theme of international trade and commerce exemplified by the "Hanseatic League" of Mediaeval Europe. To this international trade theme, Hansa.net brings its expertise in computer technology and the Internet. The Group Chairman, Mr. Bell is the largest shareholder of the public company which now trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange (NEX board), under the trading symbol "HAN.H".

Hansa.net's main products are created for the Payments System Integrators and Processors.

Hansa.net was originally a Canadian corporation resident in Vancouver, British Columbia. In December 1996 the Span Hansa Group demonstrated one of its proven programs by moving the Company's residence from Canada to the zero tax jurisdiction of Anguilla while maintaining its public stock exchange listing. This is an example of the type of international solution that the Span-Hansa Group provides to its clients.  Profits therefore bear no tax at the corporate level leaving greater amounts for dividends to shareholder than would be available had the Company remained in Canada where profits do bear significant tax at the corporate level. 

The Company is managed by an active board of five directors resident in Anguilla and abroad.

In addition, the Company maintains a Technical Advisory Board consisting of leading technology and information processing executives.

Hansa.net's income sources include development fees, hardware and equipment margins, transaction charges, fees for advice and service as well as from equity participation in some of its strategic partners.

Please see the Company's own Web site at Hansa.net Global Commerce, Inc.