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Whether your objective is "Location Optimized Commerce on the Internet" (LOCI), residence of your Intellectual Property or just location optimized commerce, the following material is intended as a check list and as a step by step process to achieve your objective through the Span-Hansa Group.

The Process:


Before you proceed with these pages, you should have determined that locating your venture in another jurisdiction makes good business sense. To reach that determination you should:

Testing for Compliance

Having completed those steps and engaged in preliminary discussion with us by email, you should now be able to apply some tests to make the following preliminary assessments:

Qualifying Your Venture

Let us assume you have now qualified your venture and want to proceed. The following are some of the alternative structures that may be available to you depending upon the circumstances:

How can the Span-Hansa Group be a part of your plans? To determine this we must each perform extensive due diligence on the venture, on each other, and on any other parties involved. Please see our  Participation Criteria

Obtaining Span-Hansa Group Experience

When we are all in accord, your commitment to a budget and a retainer is required. This payment can be submitted by credit card or wire transfer after completing the Questionnaire and payment form below.

Implementation Planning

Now that we are all committed to the success of this venture, and as is the case with most commerce; "time is of the essence".

Some of the information required to finalize the structures will include: (this is especially important if the business has already begun operations in another jurisdiction)

Typical follow-on steps would then include: If you feel that you are ready to begin, we would be pleased to hear from you for more detailed planning information and due diligence. Please email us.

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